G4 Tool Skins

Generic Skin – Redshank

Generic Skin – Roller

Generic Skin – Rasco

IHG Pulse Survey

HCA Healthcare

AonHewitt - TNZ

IHG Holiday Inn Express


North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health System

Right Management

Generic Skin - Robin

Generic Skin – Raven

At TNS, there are online tools that clients and Project Managers use to help take their survey results to the next level. After I led a huge overhaul of the very neglected user experience and overall design layout, I designed and implemented the 4th generation of custom “skins” that are applied to the tools today. The default skins were designed to have dynamic colors and upload-able logos to allow the flexibility to customize for each client on the project management side and there were also some completely custom skins that were designed to align fully with the branding specs of the clients' company for an additional cost.

  • For TNS Employee Insights

  • Type web design, css

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